Best answer: What size wetsuit am I women’s?

Wetsuit Size Guide for Women

How do I know my wetsuit size?

Sizing for Full Wetsuits and Springsuits:

  1. Height and chest are the most important measurements.
  2. Measure your chest at the widest point, with the tape gently snug.
  3. Regarding length, it’s generally OK if the suit is a little on the long side. …
  4. If in between two sizes, take the larger size.

How do you measure for a women’s wetsuit?

Wetsuits: How to Measure Yourself

  1. Grab a measuring tape and a set of weighing scales. Measure your height and weight. …
  2. Measure your chest (note: measurements should be taken against your skin. This means no clothing) …
  3. Measure your waist. …
  4. Step 4 (optional) …
  5. Measure your hips and inseam.

What size is 10 wetsuit?

Aropec Wetsuit Size Chart – Children

Size Chest (cm) Height (cm)
8 68.5 120 -130
10 71 130 – 140
12 76 140 – 150
14 81.5 148 – 158

What size is a womens large wetsuit?

Mystic Womens Wetsuit Size Chart

SIZE HEIGHT (cm/in) CHEST (cm/in)
S 163-169 / 5’4″-5’6″ 82-88 / 32″-34″
M 164-170 / 5’5″-5’7″ 87-93 / 34″-36″
L 167-173 / 5’6″-5’8″ 92-99 / 36″-39″
XL 170-176 / 5’7″-5’9″ 99+ / 39″+

Should you size up in wetsuits?

It does not matter too much if it is too long on the arms and legs, as this has no additional warmth properties. If they are much taller than the size guide shows, ideally you want to choose the next size up, providing it is not a massive leap around the chest and kidneys.

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What age is a size 2 wetsuit?

Billabong Youth Wetsuit Size Chart

AGE HEIGHT (cm/in) CHEST (cm/in)
2 84-94 33″-37″ 51 20
4 109-119 43″-47″ 56 22
6 124-132 49″-52″ 62 24.5″
8 132-140 4’4″-4’7″ 65 26

How do you know if a wetsuit is too small?

If it’s too tight, your swimming experience won’t be pleasant. When trying on in a shop, the suit should feel tight but not restrictive. Once it’s on correctly (not bunched up around the crotch or under the arms), there should be no air pockets or creases in the neoprene.

What is a size 5 wetsuit?

Full length winter wetsuits usually have a thickness of 5/3mm and above. The 5 refers to the thickness of the neoprene around the torso, where you need warmth the most and the 3 refers to the thickness around areas such as the arms and legs, allowing for greater flexibility for easier movement in the water.

What color wetsuit is best?

Wetsuits are black mainly due to UV resistance and the low cost of coloring neoprene. Yet, the color black holds many inherent benefits, making it the optimal choice for any wetsuit. From keeping you warmer to withstanding sustained exposure to the elements, wetsuits are primarily black for a range of reasons.

What size is a size 16 wetsuit?

Women’s O’Neill Wetsuit Size Chart

Size Height Chest
10T 171.5-176.5 cm 86.5-91.5 cm
12 170-175.5 cm 90-95.5 cm
14 175.5-180.5 cm 95.5-100.5 cm
16 175.5-183 cm 98-103 cm

What thickness wetsuit should I get?

We recommend a wetsuit thickness of at least 5mm; we recommend wearing boots, but hood and gloves are optional depending on your tolerance to the cold. … – 4mm (12°C) – This wetsuit thickness is most suitable for British Spring / Autumn sea temperatures. Boots are optional this time of year.

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