Best answer: What is the difference between snorkeling fins and scuba fins?

What are the two types of snorkeling fins?

Snorkel fin types include compact (travel), traditional, closed heel, open heel, paddle style and split fins. A general rule of thumb is that snorkel fins should be light and flexible and fit snug but not too tight. There are several other things you should consider when choosing just the right pair of fins.

Are short or long fins better?

By covering a larger surface area than their shorter counterparts, long fins activate and strengthen the muscles in the legs without causing immediate burnout. As a result, athletes looking for comfort, easy movement and speed will most likely want to pick up a longer fin.

How do I choose the right size scuba fins?

SIZING. Full foot fins are sized according to your normal shoe size. Your feet should fit the fins snugly, not too tight or too loose. On some models where sizing of the fin is across several sizes (38.5-39.5 for example), your toes may or may not stick out from the end of the foot pocket.

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