Best answer: What is a dive place?

What is a dive resort?

PADI Dive Resorts are dive operators who cater to vacationing scuba divers and snorkelers with activities like scuba and snorkel instruction, Discover Scuba Diving experiences, guided scuba diving tours, snorkeling excursions and scuba equipment rentals.

What is dive operation?

A Dive Operations Plan serves as an overview of all tasks to be performed, dive modes and equipment, site conditions, and any other actions unique to the proposed work. … List of diving equipment to be used.

What is the dive theory?

Diving theory is the basic knowledge of the physical and physiological effects of the underwater environment on the diver. … Exposure to cold water can result in the harmful cold shock response, the helpful diving reflex and excessive loss of body heat.

How do I find dive sites?

PADI: Best Dive Sites App

  1. PADI App Helps Divers Find World’s Best Dive Sites. The extensive directory of dive sites — more than 50,000 from around the world — is displayed on the PADI app and populated from ScubaEarth. …
  2. Utilize ScubaEarth on Your Next Dive. …
  3. Find the Best Dive Sites.

What’s the difference between SSI and PADI?

While SSI online training is free. However, PADI grants you lifelong access to their online Open Water Diver Manual. SSI still requires you to purchase all the training materials with the dive center you do the practical training with. … There are only very minor differences between a PADI and SSI certification program.

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What’s the difference between PADI and NAUI?

While PADI is a standard for-profit business, NAUI is the oldest non-profit certification organization. Naming Conventions. Both agencies offer a variety of certifications for different level divers, including introductory diving, open water diving, and free diving.

What are the disadvantages of scuba diving?

5 Dangers of Scuba Diving

  • Malfunctioning Equipment. Many divers, especially casual ones, don’t own their own equipment so they have to rent everything. …
  • Pulmonary Embolism. A diver who rapidly ascends to the surface has a great risk of experiencing pulmonary embolism. …
  • Oxygen Toxicity. …
  • Nitrogen Narcosis. …
  • Marine Life.

What is included in a safe dive plan?

A dive plan must include:

  • the method of carrying out the diving work.
  • the tasks and duties of each person involved.
  • the diving equipment, breathing gases and procedures to be used.
  • as applicable, dive times, bottom times and decompression profiles.