Best answer: What do they call swimsuits in Australia?

What are togs in Australia?

Australians use a variety of terms to describe their bathing attire, including ‘cossies’ (a shortened version of ‘costumes’) and ‘togs’, which Gwynn explains is an abbreviation of the 16th-Century word ‘togeman’, meaning coat.

What is another name for a bathing suit?

What is another word for bathing suit?

bikini swimsuit
bathing costume one-piece bathing suit
two-piece beach costume
clothing for swimming one-piece suit
string bikini tank suit

What does Ripper mean in Australia?

Ripper. Chances are, you’ll be using this word a lot. Meaning awesome or fantastic, if something is “bloody ripper” it must be totally amazing!

What does Aussie mean in Australia?

: a native or inhabitant of Australia.

Why are togs called togs?

“Togs” is short for the word “togeman”, which was 16th century criminal slang for “coat”. In the 18th century, “togs” started being used more generally as slang for clothes. In the UK, the word still just means “clothes”, but in Australia and New Zealand, it came to be used in a swimming context.

Is toilet American or British?

American English: Bathroom Terminology – Lost in the Pond | British accent.

British English Vs. American English: Bathroom Terminology.

British English (BrE) American English (AmE)
Toilets/loo Bathroom/restroom
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