Best answer: What are the best bodyboarding fins?

Can you use any fins for bodyboarding?

CAN YOU BODYBOARD WITHOUT FINS? You may not need bodyboarding fins, but it certainly gives an advantage to catching the best waves just in time. While you can bodyboard without fins, it’s close to surfing without arms — essentially, when bodyboarding, you’re using your legs to propel yourself and catch waves.

What fins does Mike Stewart use?

The Mike Stewart MS Viper Fins

Here is what Mike Stewart has to say about the MS Viper Fins: “Simply put this is the best fin on the market for bodysurfing and one of the best for bodyboarding. MS Vipers give me great thrust on both the downward and upward kick for rapid acceleration for take offs.

Are DaFiN fins good for bodyboarding?


The Dafin Black Swimfins are one of the oldest bodyboarding fins on the market. They’ve been used by bodyboarders since the very beginning of the sport. They also happen to be the only fins that are endorsed by The United States Lifesaving Organization.

Are dafins good for bodyboarding?

Made of T-Form (a silicone-based material), Hydro Tech 2 fins are softer than rubber and make your feet feel better than any other fin. The Hydro Tech 2 fins for bodyboarding use a V rail design that increases the surface area for a more powerful thrust.

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What are fin savers?

Fin Savers are designed to secure your fins. … Fin Savers are designed to secure your fins. Comfortable Neoprene construction and heavy-duty 25mm cuff with adjustable Velcro.