Best answer: Can you surf at 1770?

Can you swim at 1770?

or the Town of 1770, or simply 1770 is known for its safe swimming and sheltered anchorage. It is best to swim in 1770 during the mid- to high tide. Great swimming for the smaller kids, as there are no waves. It is a favourite beach for families with a caravan and camping park right on the beachfront.

Can you swim at 1770 in summer?

Enjoy warm, dry, sunny winters and the summer temperatures rarely exceed 32 degrees celsius. Over 300 days of sunshine, you won’t want to leave! Year round swimming, surfing, diving and fishing!

Is there crocodiles in 1770?

No crocodiles and no deadly marine stingers. Enjoy the endless golden sand beaches, the magnificent estuaries, the unspoiled coastal rainforest, National & Marine parks encircling the Town of 1770/Agnes Water, or the view atop one of the most vantage point in the area.

Are there sharks in Agnes Water?

If the sharks leave the area the beach will most likely be re-opened. Two sharks have been spotted off Agnes Water Main Beach.

Does Rules Beach have surf?

The wide-mouthed waterway opens into the Coral Sea near Rules Beach, which is not known for its surf. “We bought the land pretty much because it was a good parcel of land on the east coast and the area has no surf and good weather,” Mr Wilkes said.

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Is Zuma Beach good for surfing?

Zuma Beach

This beach is most known as the filming location for Baywatch, but it’s also a great place for summer surfing. The swells here are great for beginner and intermediate surfers who are eager to learn, but on occasion, the waves can get to 20 feet high.

What is the best time for beginners to go surfing?

The generalized idea is that early morning is the best time to surf. This time would usually fall around sunrise. However, another excellent time to go surfing is in the early evenings around sunset.

Should I stay at Agnes or 1770?

Agnes Water is the ocean town where you’ll find the surf and a fantastic beach. It also has most of the cafes and shops and room for development. The Town of 1770 is on the Round Hill Creek and is much quieter and smaller. This is where you jump on your cruises and do your water tours and activities.

Should I stay in 1770 or Agnes Waters?

A few days would be perfect. We stayed in 1770, very quiet little town, Agnes Water would be around a 5 minute drive away, more shops etc there than in 1770. The way I explain the 2 places is 1770 on one side has no waves/flat calm water and on the other side of the headland is Agnes Water with the surf beaches.

Is 1770 worth visiting?

It is definitely worth the time just for the views, but take a hat, sun screen and water. Seventeen-Seventy is a town about 6km from Agnes Water. It is much smaller and only has a restaurant and very limited accommodation. … So if you make it to Agnes Water, take the time to visit Seventeen-Seventy too.

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