Best answer: Can I rent snorkel gear at Hanauma Bay?

How much does it cost to rent snorkel gear at Hanauma Bay?

Should you bring your own, or rent snorkel gear? Snorkel gear is available for rent on the beach at Hanauma Bay, though it is significantly more expensive than renting it elsewhere (standard set for $20; premium for $40) and the line can be quite long.

Can you snorkel at Hanauma Bay for free?

As one of the most popular snorkeling locations on Hawaii, Hanauma Bay prices are very low. … If you live on the island of Oahu and have a valid Hawaii ID card or Hawaii drivers license then there is no charge to enter the park.

How much does it cost to rent snorkeling gear?

Sydney Scuba Diving Gear Rental/Hire

Add Second Tank to SCUBA SET 1, 2 or 3 $20
Mask, Snorkel $10
Fin Open Heel & Boots (Coogee Only) $20

Can you snorkel at Hanauma Bay?

Hanauma Bay Snorkeling. … Located on the southeast side of Oahu, this old volcanic crater is protected from all but the biggest of ocean swells making it a wonderful place to snorkel for beach goers of all ages. Everyone should go to Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve at least once.

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Are there sharks at Hanauma Bay?

There are some sharks in the bay, even though it is a popular tourist attraction. However, the sharks in Hanauma Bay are reef sharks and are only about 4 feet long. They don’t feed on humans and there has never been any shark attack in the bay.

Do you need water shoes in Hanauma Bay?

The sand at Hanauma Bay can be very coarse and may be irritating when it gets in your fins/ water socks. … Walk into the water from the beach on the sand and then you float in the water with your mask and snorkel. You can access the whole reef without shoes.

Is Hanauma Bay free before 7am?

All the loophole requires is an alarm clock: Visitors who enter the park between 6 a.m., when the parking lot opens, and 7 a.m., when employees at the ticket stand officially begin their work day, don’t have to pay the park’s $7.50 admission and can skip the instructional video.

How long do you need at Hanauma Bay?

Usually a couple of hours is sufficient. There is a mandatory 9 minute video you have to watch and then get down to the bay and rent your gear before you even get into the water. Snorkeling can take as little as an hour or longer depending upon how much of the bay you explore.

How much does it cost to rent snorkel gear in Oahu?

In Honolulu, an average cost to rent a snorkel set will be about $16 for a day or $42 for a week.

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How much does a good snorkel cost?

1. How Much Does it Cost to Buy Snorkel Gear?

Snorkel Gear Type Average Cost
Advanced Snorkel Mask $110-200
Snorkel Tube $20-70
Snorkel Set (Mask + Tube) $50-150
Snorkel Fins $50-175