Your question: Should I remove my diving board?

Do you remove a diving board?

Changing a Diving Board

The lockwashers, nuts and flatwashers are all circular objects that keep the buttplate in place and will all need to be removed. Since some of these items may be heavily rusted, an anti-rust lubricant or fluid may need to be applied to all the parts to ease in removal.

Does a diving board increase insurance?

In most cases, homeowner’s insurance goes up when you add a diving board. The percentages vary depending on the policy, but that’s just the way it is. … An inground pool without a diving board will likely not affect your homeowner’s insurance.

Should you remove diving board for winter?

Additionally, an uncovered diving board can become damaged over time by harsh winter weather. … A proper diving board cover should be fast to put on and remove, making it an easy task to add to the yearly winterizing process.

Are diving boards illegal?

Diving boards aren’t technically illegal, but local municipalities have their own regulations around them — like how deep your pool must be, or height restrictions for the diving board.

How far should a diving board hang over the pool?

Typically, pool professionals suggest a diving board should be placed where the depth of the water is a minimum of 12 feet deep for a 1 meter diving board, with the width of the pool at least 16 feet and the length at least 32 feet.

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How do you remove a rusted bolt from a diving board?

You might find it at parts stores or gun shops. Let it soak in for a couple days, then try unscrewing the bolt. Sometimes tapping it with a hammer will loosen the hold after the rust has been soaked. If none of that works, then a few hours with some sharp drill bits and some helicoils should fix it.

Can you repair a diving board?

You can google fiberglass repair, but basically you “roll” on the resin then layer glass, resin, glass, etc. Most marine stores or even auto body stores will have all the stuff you need.

Can I leave my ladder in the pool during winter?

We strongly recommend pool ladders and steps be removed from the swimming pool during the off season (winter months). For safety reasons this also applies to pools located in warmer climates. Unsupervised access to the pool must not be allowed. Carefully lift the pool ladder or step over the pool wall.

How do you clean a fiberglass diving board?

Gelcoat is a fairly resistant surface, so you can use abrasive cleaners like Comet, Ajax, Bon Ami, or spray cleansers like our Super Tile & Vinyl cleaner to clean diving boards and dive stands. You can also use a pressure washer, lightly to clean the textured top surface.

What is a gizmo ice compensator?

H. Brand: JED. 3.1 out of 5 stars 4 ratings. Helps to protect your above ground pool, through the wall skimmer, from ice expansion.