Your question: How do I group multiple rows in Excel?

How do I group rows in Excel?

On the Data tab, in the Outline group, click Group. Then in the Group dialog box, click Rows, and then click OK. Tip: If you select entire rows instead of just the cells, Excel automatically groups by row – the Group dialog box doesn’t even open. The outline symbols appear beside the group on the screen.

How do I group every 4 rows in Excel?

How to group rows in Excel

  1. Select any cell in one of the rows you want to group.
  2. Go to the Data tab > Outline group, click the arrow under Group, and select Auto Outline.

How do you group multiple items in Excel?

Press and hold command while you use the mouse or touchpad to select the shapes, pictures, or other objects that you want to group. Click the Shape Format tab or the Picture Format tab, and then click Group > Group.

How do you group in Excel?

Select Home > Group by. In the Group by dialog box, select Advanced to select more than one column to group by. To add another column, select Add Grouping. Tip To delete or move a grouping, select More (…)

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How do I group rows in Excel based on column values?

To group rows or columns:

  1. Select the rows or columns you want to group. In this example, we’ll select columns A, B, and C. …
  2. Select the Data tab on the Ribbon, then click the Group command. Clicking the Group command.
  3. The selected rows or columns will be grouped. In our example, columns A, B, and C are grouped together.

How do you group data in Excel by range?

Group Numbers in Pivot Table in Excel

  1. Select any cells in the row labels that have the sales value.
  2. Go to Analyze –> Group –> Group Selection.
  3. In the grouping dialog box, specify the Starting at, Ending at, and By values. In this case, By value is 250, which would create groups with an interval of 250.
  4. Click OK.

Why can’t I group items in PowerPoint?

If you are unable to group in PowerPoint, there are typically 3 common reasons: You have selected only one object (you must have more than one object selected to group). You can’t group placeholders with other objects. You can’t group objects with tables, embedded worksheets or GIF images.

How do I group cells in sheets?

Keyboard Shortcut to Group Rows in Google Sheets

  1. Select the cells that you want to group (A2:A4 in this example)
  2. With the cells selected, hold the ALT and SHIFT keys and press the right arrow key.
  3. Select the Option Group rows 2-4.
  4. Hit Enter.

How do I group subtotals in Excel?

Highlight the whole set of data, and from the Data tab, select ‘Group’ from the Outline area. Select Rows or Columns, or both, to set up the grouping. Click OK. To summarize the data, with a range, or the whole set of data selected, click on ‘Subtotal’ in the Outline section of the Data tab.

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How do I group data in PowerPivot?

The Grouping feature is not supported in the PowerPivot. One will have to create groups in the Data model via DAX formulas and then drag that column in the Power Pivot Table.

How do you group by in Excel and count?


  1. Select any cell in the grouping column.
  2. Click the Data tab.
  3. Click Subtotal in the Outline group. In Excel 2003, Subtotals is on the Data menu.
  4. In the resulting dialog, choose Count from the Function dropdown.
  5. Click OK and Excel will display a subtotal for each date in the Due column.

Can you name groups in Excel?

Select the cell or cell range that you want to name. You also can select noncontiguous cells (press Ctrl as you select each cell or range). On the Formulas tab, click Define Name in the Defined Names group. The New Name dialog box appears.