You asked: What does the acronym SAIL stand for?

What does acronym SAIL mean?

Acronym. Definition. SAIL. Steel Authority of India Limited (Indian government subsidiary)

What does Navy acronym stand for?

Rate it: NAVY. Nautical Army of Volunteer Yeomen. Governmental » Military.

What does the acronym term stand for?


Acronym Definition
TERM Terminate
TERM Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (various organizations)
TERM Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring (India)
TERM Transit Economic Requirements Model (US DOT)

What is the abbreviation of FM?

: a broadcasting system using frequency modulation also : a radio receiver of such a system. FM.

What is a sail student?

The Student Assistance in Learning (SAIL) program is a TRiO Student Support Services grant, which has served nearly 5,000 students at Cal State San Bernardino since 1981. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the federal TRiO programs began with the passage of the Educational Opportunity Act of 1964.

What is meaning of Tisco?

Formerly. Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO)

Is sail a private sector industry?

SAIL​ Explanation: TISCO Tata Steel Limited erstwhile Tata Iron & Steel Company Limited is a private sector Indian multi-national company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Kolkata, West Bengal as its marketing headquarter. … It operates in more than 26 countries with key operations in India, UK and Netherlands.

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Is the word Navy an acronym?

The profession, either navy or army, is its own justification.


Acronym Definition
NAVY Nautical Army of Volunteer Yeoman (Australia)

What does DD stand for on Navy ships?


Battleship Heavy gun-armed vessel (–1962) BB
Cruiser light (–1950) CL
aviation or voler CV
Destroyer ship DD
escort DE

Is OMG an acronym?

What does oh my god mean? Oh my god is an exclamation variously expressing disbelief, frustration, excitement, or anger. Its abbreviation, OMG, is widely used in digital communication.

Is WTF an acronym?

Score one for Internet slang. The acronym “WTF,” which stands for “What the [fudge],” no longer has to compete with the World Taekwondo Federation for meaning, although really, it never did. After having used the acronym for 44 years, the organization declared Friday it will now be known simply as World Taekwondo.