Why do swimmers cover themselves in fat?

Why do swimmers cover themselves in grease?

Ocean Grease will minimise chafing, and most importantly reduce any time out of the water due to chafing. Being practically insoluble in water, Ocean Grease gives open water swimmers the added protection of a barrier between the skin and the water. Simplifying the life for open water swimmers.

Why cover yourself in goose fat before swimming?


The main reason for covering your skin in a greasy substance is to prevent chafing, which can be a real issue for swimmers, especially in salty water. Vaseline is adequate for short swims. For wetsuits, it’s best to use non-petroleum based products.

Why do people rub goose fat on them?

During the 1930’s and 40’s goose fat was highly prized and saved for medicinal purposes. To remedy ‘colds on the chest’ goose fat was smeared onto brown paper and applied to the chest or back as a poultice. Sore throats could also be cured with a spoonful of ‘goose grease’.

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Why do long distance swimmers cover themselves in Vaseline?

Warming-up for an open water race can be difficult because finding areas away from the competition to get paces can be tough, especially if the water is choppy. … To help deal with cold water swimmers use petroleum jelly (ie: Vaseline) to keep themselves warm and prevent tightening up during the race.

What grease do swimmers use?

For long distance swims people primarily choose petroleum jelly, lanolin, Channel grease, or a silicon lubricant. To mix Channel grease you can use anywhere from a 50/50 mix to 90/10 lanolin to petroleum jelly.

How do swimmers deal with cold water?

The best way to acclimatise to colder water is to swim, reducing your times in the water as temperatures drop. Get into the water gently to avoid cold water shock, splashing yourself with water and ensuring your breathing is relaxed before submerging.

Why do swimmers cover themselves in lard?

The fat is richer than many other fats, making it ideal for biscuits and pastries. Lard has fewer calories than butter. … Cross-channel swimmers cover themselves in the fat to keep warm.

Can you swim the Channel in a wetsuit?

4) For a swim to be officially recognised, you cannot wear a wetsuit! In fact, the only equipment you are allowed is a swimming hat, goggles, a nose clip, ear plugs and your costume.

Is goose Grease good for your chest?

Goose grease is used medicinally as a decongestant for whooping cough, any kind of chest cold,” said Janine Christmas, a community liaison for CBU’s birch bark oil project. “Maybe your grandmother used goose grease back in the day because of the lack of access to health care and doctors.

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What is goose grease slang for?

the melted fat of the goose, used in domestic medicine as an ointment.

What do Channel swimmers eat?

Things have come a long way since Captain Webb munched his way across the Channel on a diet of beef tea, brandy and sandwiches. Nowadays, swimmers favour warm, strong sports drink in a bottle which is typically thrown to them in the water and then reeled back in on string.

How can I swim in cold water without a wetsuit?

Bring a big mug of your favorite hot drink to enjoy after a cold water swim. Warming up from the inside is a very effective way of countering the cold. And get bundled up in warm, dry clothing as soon as you exit the water. This will help you rewarm safely and get back to normal quickly.