Why did Ranji show his swimming skill to the warrior?

Why was Ranji attracted to the pool?

Answer- Ranji was a brave boy who had a friendly nature. He wanted to make friends. He was also a good swimmer. His talent of swimming gave him a chance to be the friend of Suraj.

How did Ranji happen to find the pool in the forest?

In the Rajputana desert, the pools were sticky and muddy where women washed clothes or buffaloes wallowed. But forest pool was clean, cold and inviting. So Ranji leapt into the water for swimming.

Who was the better swimmer Ranji or Suraj give reason for your answer?

Answer: Ranji was definitely a better swimmer. This is evident from that fact that when the other boy made fun of Ranji if he would be able to swim across the pool. Hearing this, Ranji dived straight into the water and surfaced towards the other end of the pool quickly.

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What is that Ranji knew in the Rajputana desert?

In what way is the forest pool different from the one which Ranji knew in the Rajputana desert? Answer: The pool in the forest is clean and cold while the one in the Rajputana desert is muddy and sticky.

Why did the other boy want Ranji to leave?

Answer: He conceded defeat but was not mentally prepared to show that he accepted the defeat. He wanted to leave the place without loss of face. So, he said that he would resume the fight next day. The way Ranji gave a befitting reply to the other boy was enough to shake the confidence of the other boy.

Why was it difficult for Ranji to refuse the challenge the next day?

Answer : Despite feeling weak for the fight, Ranji goes to the pool the next day because he didnt’ wish refuse the challenge. Refusing the challenge would mean cowardice or acceptance of defeat. Ranji didn’t wish to accept defeat or let go off the pool without fighting for it.

Why is Seema upset 8?

Answer(a): Seema was upset by the information given to her by Kalpana ma’am (the manager of her office) regarding her salary. … She was upset because she needed twelve thousand rupees to pay her Daughter Swati’s school fees and she was depending on her salary to make the payment.

What does the boy realize when God does not grant his wish?

He later realised that nothing comes without a price. If God were to grant all one’s wishes for the asking, man would not learn any skill.

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Why don’t they continue the fight?

Answer with Explanation:

Now that they are at the pool, they don’t continue the fight because there is a bond of love and friendship between them so they forget their enmity.

What could Ranji not conceal at home?

Solution: The Fighter and the Warrior had a frenzied struggle for about five minutes. Solution: After the fierce struggle both the boys were tired. Solution: At home Ranji could not conceal that he had a fight.

What Ranji finds difficult in home?

What is it that Ranji finds difficult to explain at home? Answer: At home, Ranji found it difficult to explain the cuts and bruises that showed on his face, legs and arms. It was difficult to hide the fact that he had been involved in a fight.

What did Ranji actually do upon seeing his adversary?

(i)When Ranji saw his adversary in the bazaar, he wished to turn away and look elsewhere. Then, he wished to throw the lemonade bottle at his enemy. (ii)He actually stood his ground and scowled at the other boy. He did not throw the lemonade bottle because he did not want to start a fight in the bazaar.