Who has died surfing Mavericks?

Who has died from big wave surfing?

SURFER Oscar Serra has died after falling from a six-foot wave. Lifeguards were able to pull the 22-year-old Spaniard from the water after his fall but were unable to resuscitate him, according to Euro News Weekly. The surfer was practicing in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, on July 17 when the huge wave hit him.

How many surfers have died surfing?

Over the years, about eleven surfers have died while surfing. Jon Mozo, a surf photographer, passed away last February.

How did Sion Milosky die?

Tragedy struck the surfing world on Wednesday when news broke that Sion Milosky, 35 of Kaleheo, Kauai, passed away while surfing Maverick’s in Northern California. According to a report by the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Sion had caught a handful waves before he took a two-wave hold-down and apparently drowned.

What surfer recently died?

Spanish surfer Óscar Serra recently passed away at age 22 following a tragic surfing accident in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Family and friends are mourning the loss of surfer Óscar Serra. The 22-year-old star passed away on July 17 following a tragic surfing accident in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

What does backdoor mean in surfing?

Backdoor. To backdoor a wave is to take off behind the peak of a hollow wave and surf through the barrel to the other side of the peak. The usual/easier take off is to take on the peak or further down the shoulder.

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What happened to Zander Venezia?

Professional surfer Zander Venezia died at the age of 16 on Tuesday following an accident in the water on the east coast of Barbados. Per Matt Pruett of Surfline.com, Venezia was found “bleeding and unresponsive” after being pulled out of the water.