Who are sailing Doodles?

How much money does Sailing Doodles make?

Today Sailing Doodles has almost 60,000 subscribers and all the channel’s videos combined just hit 10 million views. At this level, White is generating approximately $4,000 a month from his videos, and that continues to grow.

Who is Bobby’s girlfriend on Sailing Doodles?

Megan Binkley – Finley (@megbink) • Instagram photos and videos.

What does Bobby from sailing doodles do for a living?

Sailing Doodles is one of those vlogs. Bobby White was a corporate jet pilot before an unexpected health condition changed his life forever. Instead of viewing his change of career as a setback, he created Sailing Doodles. Since then, he’s been sailing his boat around the world and documenting his travels on YouTube.

How many subscribers does sailing GBU have?

The Sailing La Vagabonde YouTube channel currently has 1.5 million subscribers. The videos follow a young Australian couple as they attempt to circumnavigate the world via their boat.

Who is La La Libra?

Laura AKA LaLa Libra (@LaLaGoesLive1) | Twitter.

Who is Taylor’s travels?

I am Taylor Francis, the creator of the YouTube Channel Taylor’s Travels. I have plans of sailing the world on my Catalina Morgan 38 named Sea Gypsy. I create entertaining travel and adventure videos for everyone to watch.

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