Where is the best place to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef?

Where is the best diving on the Great Barrier Reef?

8 Top Dive Sites of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

  • SS Yongala, Townsville (near Ayr)
  • Cod Hole, Ribbons Reefs.
  • Stanley Reef, Townsville (near Ayr)
  • Steve’s Bommie, Ribbon Reefs.
  • Hastings Reef, Flynn Reef and Norman Reef.
  • Lighthouse Bommie, Ribbon Reefs.
  • Pixie Garden.
  • Eddy Reef.

How much does it cost to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef?

You can swim and would like to try first time Introductory Scuba Diving?

Sea Quest Dive & Snorkel (Adult) $215.00
Reef Magic Cruises (Adult) $328.00
Great Adventures Outer Reef Cruises (Adult) $406.00
Sunlover Reef Cruises (Adult) $338.00

Can you see the Great Barrier Reef without diving?

There are plenty of ways to experience the World Heritage-listed wonder of the Great Barrier Reef without snorkelling, swimming, diving or so much as dipping a toe in. Explore the 2600km of the Great Barrier Reef without swimming or a snorkel mask with this dry guide to the reef.

How many people go diving in the Great Barrier Reef?

The Great Barrier Reef attracts over 1,000,000 visitors annually who come to experience the reef for themselves, whether they choose to snorkel or dive or simply swim in the beautiful waters here, it is the reef that draws them to the region.

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