What were the 4 things that voyaging Polynesians brought with them on their voyaging canoes Why?

What did the Polynesians bring with them and why?

Polynesians carried pigs, chicken and dogs on all of their voyages to prepare for the eventual settlement of new islands. They would carry enough fermented starch to keep the animals alive for several months.

What did the Polynesians carry on their canoes?

Polynesians traveled on double-hull canoes connected by two crossbeams with a central platform that laid over them. … These canoes could be as large as 50-60 feet in length and carry two dozen people, food, livestock, and crop materials. Polynesians traveled thousands of miles exploring and settling on different islands.

What did Polynesians bring with them?

In addition to bananas and coconuts, the Polynesians brought taro, a root fromwhich poi is made; plantain, the starchy cooking banana; breadfruit, a globe-like fruit that is eaten cooked; yams; and sugarcane. For meat, the Polynesians brought along pigs, dogs and possibly chickens.

What did Polynesian voyagers bring with them across the ocean?

The ancient polynesian colonizers developed highly sophisticated vessels and a navigation system based on observations of the stars, ocean swells, flight patterns of birds and other natural signs which enabled them to find their way across the open ocean.

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How did Polynesian sailors navigate?

Thousands of miles were traversed, without the aid of sextants or compasses. The ancient Polynesians navigated their canoes by the stars and other signs that came from the ocean and sky. Navigation was a precise science, a learned art that was passed on verbally from one navigator to another for countless generations.

What did Hawaiians eat before colonization?

Consequently preparation and serv- ing of food were complicated by these social organizations and customs of the times. The staple foods of the Hawaiians were taro and poi, breadfruit, sweet potato, bananas, taro tops and some other leafy vegetables, limu, fish and other sea foods, chicken, pig and dog.

Is Hawaiian and Polynesian the same?

Hawaiian is closely related to the other major Polynesian dialects: Tahitian, Maori, Marquesan, Rarotongan, Samoan, and Tongan. Although it is not necessarily mutually intelligible with these other dialects, many Hawaiian words and grammatical syntax are similar or nearly identical to the other dialects.

Why Do Hawaiians eat pork?

Pigs were raised for religious sacrifice, and the meat was offered at altars, some of which was consumed by priests and the rest eaten in a mass celebration. The early Hawaiian diet was diverse, and may have included as many as 130 different types of seafood and 230 types of sweet potatoes.