What size wetsuit do I need women’s?

How do you measure for a women’s wetsuit?

Wetsuits: How to Measure Yourself

  1. Grab a measuring tape and a set of weighing scales. Measure your height and weight. …
  2. Measure your chest (note: measurements should be taken against your skin. This means no clothing) …
  3. Measure your waist. …
  4. Step 4 (optional) …
  5. Measure your hips and inseam.

How do you know what size wetsuit to buy?

In terms of sizing, the most important factors are the waist and chest measurements as these two points will ensure they stay warm. It does not matter too much if it is too long on the arms and legs, as this has no additional warmth properties.

Can a woman use a mens wetsuit?

Yes. A woman can, in theory, wear a man’s wetsuit. … Women also tend to have narrower shoulders and backs, but they may also need more room in the chest. While these can seem like small variances, they make a big difference considering how snug the wetsuit should fit your body.

What is size 14 in a wetsuit?

Adult Size Chart

Height (cm) Waist (in)
12 163-170 28-35
14S (14 Short) 163-170 30-37
14 168-175 30-37
16S (16 Short) 168-175 31-41

What size is a womens small wetsuit?

NP Womens Wetsuit Size Chart

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SIZE HEIGHT (cm/ft-in) CHEST (cm/in)
XS 158-163 / 5’2″-5’4″ 76-84 / 30-33
S 160-165 / 5’3″-5’5″ 81-89 / 32-35
M 165-170 / 5’5″-5’7″ 86-94 / 34-37
MT 170-175 / 5’7″-5’9″ 86-94 / 34-37

What color wetsuit is best?

Wetsuits are black mainly due to UV resistance and the low cost of coloring neoprene. Yet, the color black holds many inherent benefits, making it the optimal choice for any wetsuit. From keeping you warmer to withstanding sustained exposure to the elements, wetsuits are primarily black for a range of reasons.

Do wetsuits make you look fat?

The wetsuit or drysuit doesn’t make you look fat… It makes you look like a diver.

What age is a size 12 wetsuit?

Mystic Youth Wetsuit Size Chart

SIZE AGE Waist (cm/in)
S 11 62-66 / 24″-26″
M 12 65-69 / 25″-27″
L 14 68-72 / 27″-28″
XL 16 71-75 / 28″-30″

What does 3 2mm wetsuit mean?

The specification is made with two numbers. 3/2 mm means, for example, that the neoprene has a thickness of 3 mm on the torso and 2 mm on the legs and arms. Most wetsuits have a difference of 1-2 mm, because the warmth effect is more important on the body and the flexibility on the arms and legs.