What does 5 in a row mean?

What does 1 in a row mean?

one after another, without anything different happening in between. They clocked up seven wins in a row. His job allows him to take several days off in a row. Synonyms and related words.

What does 3 in a row mean?

Three ‘consecutive’ days. So any three days together, e.g. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. I went to the hospital three days in a row!

What does have a row mean?

If two people have a row, they have a noisy argument. [British, informal] We never seem to stay together for very long before we have a dreadful row. Synonyms: quarrel, dispute, argument, squabble More Synonyms of row.

How many years are in a row?

Feel free to just provide example sentences. “Three years in a row” focuses on all three years equally. “For the third year in a row” focuses on the last (the third) year. They sometimes can mean the same thing, but sometimes they are slightly different.

What is two days in a row?

phrase. If something happens several times in a row, it happens that number of times without a break. If something happens several days in a row, it happens on each of those days. They have won five championships in a row. Synonyms: consecutively, running, in turn, one after the other More Synonyms of in a row.

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Is it in a row or in a roll?

infml experiencing a period of success or good luck: They’ve won nine games in a row, so they’re obviously on a roll.

How many days in a row meaning?

If something happens several days in a row, it happens on each of those days. They have won five championships in a row. If I’m inside for three days in a row, I go crazy. It is the sixth month in a row in which imports have fallen.

What do you call winning 3 in a row?

Definition of hat-trick

(sports) three consecutive scores by one player or three scores in one game (as in football, cricket or ice hockey etc.)

What is seven in a row called?

A group of seven is called a heptad. A seven-sided shape is a heptagon.

What do you call someone who rows?

oars·man. (ôrz′mən) A man who rows, especially an expert in rowing; a rower.

What does a blazing row mean?

phrase. DEFINITIONS1. a very angry argument. He walked out after a blazing row with his wife.

Is row vertical or horizontal?

The horizontal arrangements of the number are called rows and the vertical arrangement is called the column.

Is a row a fight?

A quarrel, fight, or disturbance marked by very noisy, disorderly, and often violent behavior: affray, brawl, broil, donnybrook, fray, free-for-all, melee, riot, ruction, tumult.

How do you use a row?

Example Sentences

I can’t believe that my husband has made me go the same place for our anniversary three years in a row. My sister has won eight tennis matches in a row. She is thinking of playing professionally. Before I buy a house, I will need to get all of my ducks in a row.

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