What are the fouls in water polo?

What are major fouls in water polo?

Major fouls (exclusion and penalty fouls) are committed when the defensive player “holds (especially with two hands), sinks or pulls back” (a key phrase in water polo) the offensive player.

What is illegal in water polo?

It is illegal in water polo to kick, strike, shove, or hold a player while they’re not holding the ball. Penalties can range from a free throw to permanent exclusion with a delayed substitution. The severity of the punishment is reflective of the severity of the violation.

How many types of fouls are there in water polo?

There are two types of fouls in water polo. Ordinary fouls account for approximately 80% of the whistles during the game. Major fouls include exclusion and penalty fouls. ** When a referee calls an ordinary foul, the offended team is awarded a free throw.

What is an exclusion foul in water polo?

To push an opposing player under the water, an exclusion foul if the player is not holding the ball and is in a position of offensive advantage. … A defensive perimeter player intentionally causes an ordinary foul and then moves toward the goal, away from his/her attacker, who must take a free throw.

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Can you drown someone in water polo?

To make matters worse, excess fatigue may also cause players to pass out. … Fortunately, the likelihood of drowning during a water polo game is relatively low since the pool is under constant vigilance by coaches, referees, players, and fans.

Is grabbing allowed in water polo?

Grabbing, holding, sinking, kicking, hitting, etc. are NOT part of the game. They are explicitly forbidden in the rules.

Is there a mercy rule in water polo?

Should any player refuse to leave the water when so ordered, the game will be stopped and the opposing team declared the winners. … MERCY RULE: If a team is losing by 10 or more goals after 3 quarters the game will end and the score will be recorded on the official score sheet as so.

What are the three types of fouls in water polo?


  • touching the ball with two hands;
  • taking the ball under water when tackled;
  • impeding an opponent who is not holding the ball;
  • pushing off of an opponent; and,
  • stalling (failing to shoot or advance the ball within 35 seconds).

What is the point of water polo caps?

The water polo cap comes with protective coverings that go over a player’s ear and protects them from injury in the event that there is contact to the head. The caps also have a player’s number printed on them.