Question: How do you deploy SMB dive?

How do you inflate SMB underwater?

An SMB with a tube that’s open on the bottom can be inflated by adding air from the second-stage regulator (or octopus regulator) into the tube. Simply invert the regulator beneath the open tube and depress the regulator purge button briefly.

What is a scuba SMB?

A surface marker buoy, SMB, dive float or simply a blob is a buoy used by scuba divers, at the end of a line from the diver, intended to indicate the diver’s position to people at the surface while the diver is underwater.

What is a finger reel?

The Stainless Steel Finger Reel is a simple dive reel that is easily stored away in a BCD pocket without taking up too much space. … Divers can simply tie off the end of the line to an anchor or object and swim around in a circle to look for a missing object.

What does diver down flag look like?

Divers Flag: A rectangular red flag, at least 15 x 15 inches, with a white diagonal stripe is used to indicate the presence of a submerged diver in the area.

What is the area between a red and green buoy?

The expression “red right returning” has long been used by seafarers as a reminder that the red buoys are kept to the starboard (right) side when proceeding from the open sea into port (upstream). Likewise, green buoys are kept to the port (left) side (see chart below).

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What does a bifurcation buoy mean?

A port bifurcation buoy marks the point where a channel divides when viewed from a vessel proceeding in the upstream direction and indicates that the preferred or main channel is on the starboard (right) side of the buoy.

What is keep out buoy?

Keep Out Buoy

A keep out buoy marks an area in which boats are prohibited. it is white in colour. it has an orange diamond containing an orange cross on two opposite sides and two orange horizontal bands…one above and one below the diamond symbols. if it carries a light the light is yellow…

What is a finger spool used for?

The finger spool is most often used as a gap reel or for short distance exploration. Small and low-profile, a spool fits nicely out of the way in a pocket or clipped-off to a D-ring.

How do you fill a samba?

Fill Up The SMB

Many SMBs have openings at the bottom where you can vent air from your regulator to fill them up. You can do this either by purging your occy underneath the SMB or holding the opening above your head to catch your exhaust bubbles — there is no need to take your primary out of your mouth!