Is Plymouth good for surfing?

Can you surf in New Plymouth?

Day 1: New Plymouth

Hailed one of the best mid-city surf spots in the world, Fitzroy Beach is renowned for hollow waves. On the southern edge of New Plymouth is Back Beach, which overlooks Sugar Loaf Marine Park and offers great swells on the shifting sandbanks.

Are Plymouth beaches open to non residents?

All parking areas are open to their maximum capacity. As of Saturday, non-residents are only allowed in beach lots on Fridays with a paid daily parking pass. Cash is accepted and credit cards are preferred.

Is Plymouth good place to live?

Ideal for lovers of the seaside, living in Plymouth is perfect for those who still want to live in an urban area. Living in Plymouth offers residents a truly excellent lifestyle. A host of excellent local transport links, great property prices and a choice of fun activities ensure the city makes a great home for all.

Is Plymouth a seaside town?

Plymouth is “Britain’s Ocean City”; it’s somewhere that’s got all the action of an urban area, but spectacular nature just a short walk or drive away. Plymouth sits on the south coast of Devon, and the city centre is in the middle of two rivers: the River Plym and the River Tamar.

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