Is Barcelona good for surfing?

How many days a year can you surf in Barcelona?

What’s more, the shallow waters ensure the presence of waves during most of the year, unlike other beaches such as in Barcelona or on the Maresme coast, where there is much less chance of getting good waves. For this reason, the Escola Catalana de Surf is able to offer 270 days’ surfing a year. We stay open in winter.

Where can I surf in Barcelona?

Surfing in Barcelona: Best Spots

  • Barcelona. From Barceloneta to Sant Sebastià
  • South of Barcelona. El Prat. Garraf. The Cemetery.
  • North of Barcelona. Masnou. Montgat.
  • Río Besòs.

How big do waves get in Barcelona?

Wind swells provide waves to the left at Masnou, up to a meter and a half. But rumors tell us that it can grow to three meters when the Mediterranean gets rough. The waves here are at their best when winter comes and the wind starts blowing fiercely to the east and south-east.

Can you surf in Costa Brava?

Winter is the only real surf season in Barcelona. This is when the gusts that go N-NE across the Costa Brava have enough in them to whip up windswells that are worth riding. It’s still usually better on stormy days but the local crowd will be right on it.

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