How heavy is a Jet Ski kg?

How much does jet ski weigh?

How much does a jet ski weigh? – An average jet ski weighs 300-950 pounds depending on its make, performance, and features. As these figures refer to net weight, you have to add the weight of the gas, oil, and the gear. Finally, you can expect a jet ski’s curb weight to be around 350-1,200 pounds.

How much towing capacity do I need for a jet ski?

As a rule of thumb, you need at least 700-1,500 pounds of towing capacity to move a jet ski with your car.

How heavy is a Sea-Doo?

10 Example Jet Ski Weights

Jet Ski Model Average Weight
Sea-Doo GTI SE 130 790 pounds (358 kg)
Sea-Doo Wake Pro 230 815 pounds (370 kg)
Sea-Doo Fish Pro 856 pounds (388 kg)
Kawasaki ULTRA LX 933 pounds (423 kg)

Are jet ski worth it?

Simpler and easier than a boat – Boats can be big and have a lot going on. A Jet Ski is smaller and often easier to maneuver than a boat. … You can do tricks – You can flip, spin, and do many more tricks then a boat could ever do. Prices are good in the winter – Prices for used ones go down in the winter months.

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How many hours does a jet ski last?

On average a jet ski should have approximately 30 hours a year. Anything more than 30 hours per year is considered “high hours”. Most jet ski models have a lifespan of approximately 300 hours, but if properly maintained they can last much longer.

How much does a jet ski cost?

Typically new jet ski’s range from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the quality, style and features equipped on a jet ski. But the cost to own a jet ski goes much further. There is a number of different costs that must be accounted for.

Can I exceed my towing capacity?

Max towing capacity should not be taken lightly. Exceeding what your vehicle is designed to tow can strain your engine and transmission, accelerate brake wear, damage your tires and even warp your chassis. This could in turn trigger catastrophic failure while driving and could lead to property damage or serious injury.

Can a 4 cylinder pull a jet ski?

Most modern 4 cylinders can handle towing a jet ski.

How much does a Sea Doo cost?


Manufacturer Model Price
Sea Doo Spark 3 UP 90HP $6,599
Sea Doo Spark 2 UP 90HP iBR w/ conv $6,999
Sea Doo Spark 3 UP 90HP iBR w/ conv $7,599
Sea Doo GTS $7,699