How do you keep a camera dry in a kayak?

How do I protect my camera while kayaking?

You might want to consider additional padding to wrap around the camera either inside or outside the bag. The dry bag protects photographic camera as it is watertight, airtight and crushproof. The case is excellent for kayaking when you need to protect your valuables from water, falls, knocks and the sun.

Should I bring my phone when kayaking?

Place your phone in a zip-lock sandwich bag and seal it. Regular sandwich bags fit my phone perfectly. … It is easy to take out and use through the plastic bag, it is secure and water proofed should I flip the kayak. The only thing with this method is you have to be careful not to drop the phone since it isn’t tethered.

Is it safe to bring your phone in a kayak?

In short, there’s nothing wrong with taking a mobile phone on a fishing or floating trip. Indeed, for any overnight trip, or day trips that pass through remote areas or areas with significant whitewater, leaving the mobile phone behind is a poor, and potentially dangerous, option.

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