How do you get an open cell wetsuit on?

What can I use for open cell wetsuit?

Use water mixed with plenty of soap / conditioner or a brand name wetsuit lubricant. Never user your fingernails to pull on the material, always use an open palm to slide the wetsuit over your body. Use plenty of soapy lubrication, more than you think you need. Never apply a single pressure to a part of the wetsuit.

Do you need lube for open cell wetsuit?

Putting on an open cell suit would be close to impossible without lube. For most, lube is a mixture of hair conditioner and water. Usually prepared in a rush right before heading out for a dive. I like to keep an extra bottle of conditioner in my dive bag in case I forget.

How much warmer is an open cell wetsuit?

For example, a well-fitting 3mm open cell would be equivalent to a 5/7mm closed cell wetsuit in terms of warmth. An open cell wetsuit will require lubricant (the general rule; lube.. lube and MORE lube!)

How do you wash an open cell wetsuit?

It’s always a good idea to soak your wetsuit in some cold water or rinse it off with a hose first. Then use a quality wetsuit shampoo wash to soak your suit in for around 10 minutes. This will help to wash away any excess salts or chemicals that could degrade your neoprene.

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What does open cell wetsuit mean?

Open Cell Wetsuits

An open cell wetsuit does not have an inner lining which means the rubbery neoprene goes right up against the skin. The porous nature of neoprene creates millions of tiny suction cups that stick to the skin making it impossible for water to get in.

Is Vaseline bad for wetsuits?

Use a wetsuit-approved anti-chafe lotion. Petroleum-based lubricants such as Vaseline may damage the neoprene (although many people use them). Avoid sitting on rough surfaces in your wetsuit and take care entering and leaving the water as it’s easy to damage a wetsuit on sharp rocks.

How do you fix an open cell wetsuit?

Simply spread the tear edges away from each other, apply glue to both edges, wait 10 minutes until tacky, then press the edges together. The repaired wetsuit is ready to use immediately.

Is baby oil bad for wetsuits?

Johnsons baby bath is excellent and does not irritate skin or damage wetsuit. Squirt some in a 1.5l plastic water bottle, fill with water and you have more than enough for getting any open cell suit on.

How do I stop my wetsuit from chafing?

So here are a few tips to prevent chafing caused by your wetsuit:

  1. Glide on or lube up. That’s right – don’t be afraid to use formula geared towards preventing chafing. …
  2. Check the seams of your wetsuit – hence why we’re talking about ‘wetsuit chafing’. …
  3. Wear a baselayer or a rashguard underneath your wetsuit.

What is the difference between open cell and closed cell foam?

Open cell foam is full of cells that aren’t completely encapsulated. In other words, the cells are deliberatly left open. This makes the foam a softer, more flexable material. Closed cell foam is made up of cells that are, as the name suggests, completely closed.

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