Have a row with meaning?

What does having a row with someone mean?

DEFINITIONS2. countable a noisy argument. Mike stormed out after a row. have a row (with someone): I had a row with my boyfriend last night.

How do you spell row as in argument?

Row is also a verb meaning “to paddle.” Row also means a noisy argument, but when you use it this way, it rhymes with cow, rather than toe. The origin of this last meaning is uncertain, but it probably came from the word carousal, or “drinking bout,” as a kind of British university slang.

What is an example of a row in a sentence?

He has been sick for three days in a row. I can’t believe that my husband has made me go the same place for our anniversary three years in a row. My sister has won eight tennis matches in a row.

What is Row rest of world?

Rest of World or “ROW” means the rest of the world excluding the Territory.

What does row stand for?


Acronym Definition
ROW Rest of the World
ROW Right of Way
ROW Receiver of Wreck
ROW Relocate Out of Washington (DC)

How do British pronounce row?

Row = noun; argument, “I feel bad, we had a row when the bill came.” This isn’t pronounced row, as in “row a boat.” The word rhymes with wow and means “a conflict or argument with another person.” Usually it’s not too heavy and both parties involved can just let it go or assume you will make up soon if it’s necessary …

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What do you call someone who rows?

oars·man. (ôrz′mən) A man who rows, especially an expert in rowing; a rower.

What is row sentence?

We need two people to row the canoe.” “We rowed the boat to shore.” “We rowed down the river.”

Is row vertical or horizontal?

The horizontal arrangements of the number are called rows and the vertical arrangement is called the column.

What is the sentence of witch?

(1) The witch enchanted the princess with magic words. (2) The evil witch in this story is cursed by. (3) The central character is a malevolent witch out for revenge. (4) witch on the TV.

What is ROW countries?

ROW Country means a country which is not included in the Major Market Countries. “ROW” means all of the non-Major Market Countries.