Do I need sailing gloves?

Do you need sailing gloves?

Protecting your hands at sea is important to keep up your performance during a long day cruising or racing. With the wrong gloves, you may be vulnerable from abrasion and blisters that often occur when handling lines. Sailing gloves provide extra grip and padding, as well as warmth in foul weather.

What should I look for in a sailing glove?

Good sailing gloves should have reinforced palms with extra padding as well as a sticky construction to provide you with protection from rope burn and blisters along with a great grip for handling lines and slippery surfaces.

How do you keep your hands warm when sailing?

Bonus tip: Dry hands are also warm hands. Commercial grade insulated rubber work gloves, 3mm neoprene dive gloves, or insulated leather utility gloves from the hardware store are some warm alternatives. Try a pair of dish or latex gloves under your sailing gloves for an economical way to keep your hands dry and warm.

Can I use cycling gloves for sailing?

If you have old cycling gloves with worn padding, and want to save money, go for it. If you sail a larger boat, get something with extra protection over more of your hands. If you’re driving the boat you’d want the opposite. And if you’re not trimming sheets all day, sure, try cheap gardening gloves.

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Why are sailing gloves fingerless?

They feature a fingerless design to allow for extra grip and dexterity. The sailing glove design has extra stitching where it is needed most making these a durable pair of gloves. Each finger hole is reinforced with additional padding and stitching to prevent fraying. … They come in short- and long-finger glove options.

How tight should sailing gloves be?

So how should sailing gloves fit? A snug-fitting glove is good, but a glove that fits snugly without cutting off circulation is the one to go for. The gloves are too big if there’s too much space above each of your fingertips. There should be some room, but not too much room.

Where are Atlas gloves made?

(formerly Showa Best Glove) is global manufacturing powerhouse in the hand protection industry. Its U.S. headquarters and extensive research and development operations are located in Menlo, Georgia.

What do you wear sailing on a cold day?

For winter sailing, we often wear a drysuit with neoprene dinghy boots, leaving enough room in our boots for both the drysuit-feet and a pair of fleece socks. We also have a pair of deck shoes that are a half-size larger for wearing with fleece socks in cold weather.

What are sailing gloves made of?

Our Short Finger Sailing Gloves are made from a tough Amara material making them ideal for rope work. These gloves are of high quality and feature a tough and durable extended palm area.

Sailing Gloves – Short Finger.

Size Inches CM
Large 8-9 20-23
XL 9-10 23-25.5
XXL 10-11 25.5-28
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