Can you surf in Swansea?

Where can I surf in Swansea?

Nearby Spots

  • Hams Beach. 0.3 miles – NE.
  • Quarry Beach. 1.2 miles – S.
  • Blacksmiths Beach. 2.1 miles – N.
  • Middle Camp Beach. 3.2 miles – S.
  • Moonee Beach. 4.5 miles – S.
  • Nine Mile Beach. 4.6 miles – N.
  • Ghosties Beach. 5.1 miles – S.

Can you surf in Cardigan Bay?

Cardigan Bay is great for surfing, it might not have the biggest waves, but the sea is clean and in the right conditions the surf is good. … Llangrannog beach – round to the right as you face the sea, has a large beach where the rocks force the waves to give some decent rides.

Is Porthcawl good for surfing?

Throughout all its incarnations, surfing has remained one of Porthcawl’s life-bloods and it’s a great place to live if you love wave-sliding.

Is Pembrokeshire good for surfing?

A west facing sandy beach with fairly consistent surf works best with solid swells and easterly winds. … The beach often has strong currents to the northern end with a fast powerful wave good for intermediate to experienced surfers. Parking is adjacent to the beach and lifeguards are on duty in the summer.

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Where are the biggest waves in Wales?

Known as the most consistent surf spot in Wales, Freshwater West is straight from the pages of a book about surfing and is the site of the Welsh national competition. The beach holds a fast, hollow, sand bar wave at low tide. When the swell is at its biggest, people tend to opt for the reef in the middle of the bay.

Is the Mumbles good for surfing?

With the second greatest tidal range in the world and some of the finest surfing beaches in the UK, watersports are a speciality here… … Langland and Caswell Bays, both just a few minutes drive from Mumbles, also offer superb surfing.

Is Cardiff good for surfing?

Porthcawl’s Coney Beach is a well-located surfing beach for those who are based in Cardiff and other eastern areas of Wales. … Generally, because of the wind hitting the shores of Wales, sheltered beaches are a good bet for clean waves.

Where can I surf in Cardiff?

Surfing at Swami’s

Swami’s or Swami’s Reef is a famous surfing spot in Cardiff. It is named after Swami Paramahansa Yogananda as his Self-Realization Fellowship ashram is close to the area.

Is South Wales good for surfing?

‘Fresh West’ is is the spot everyone heads for if the surf elsewhere in West and South Wales is too small since it’s one of the best and most consistent wave in the country, hence the fact that it’s the venue for the Welsh National Surfing Championships every May.

Where do you get surf in Gower?

The Gower has some of Britain’s finest surf, with the bays and beaches of Langland, Caswell, Oxwich, Rhossili and Llangennith offering the best and most consistent waves. For equipment rental, the best place is PJ’s Surfshop in Llangennith, which has a wide range of surfboards, boogie boards and wet suits.

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