Can you surf in St Croix?

Is there surfing on Virgin Gorda?

With crystal clear waters below and stunning white sandy beaches around you Virgin Gorda is a surfing paradise.

Is the US Virgin Islands good for surfing?

Best surf spots in US Virgin Islands

Although it’s still possible to learn, surfing in the USVI is better suited for intermediate and advanced surfers. During the winter the North Coast gets most of the swells and during summer the attention shifts to the SE facing spots.

Is there good surfing in the Bahamas?

Best surf spots in Bahamas

There are plenty of surf spots in the Bahamas. Here are the best and most famous surf spots in the country: Punta Rocas, Indicas, Surfer’s Beach (Gregory Town), Garbanzo, Egg Island, St.

Is Barbados safe for tourists?

Barbados is one of the safest countries in the Caribbean. Most visitors to this island nation will be staying in resorts and will be unlikely to see, let alone be affected by, any of the island’s serious crime.

What Caribbean island has waves?

Kikita, Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico swell has been drawing visitors for over sixty years to the most perfect waves in the Caribbean. The best surf locations are to be found on the north west of the island, and when there’s a storm coming in, the waves can get pretty crazy.

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Can you surf St Thomas?

Thomas, west of Magens Bay—has the wave action surfers crave. When there’s a northern swell, the beach is considered the best surf spot on the island. The rest of the time you’ll find snorkelers, local families, and fishing boats bobbing out in the bay. The beach bar is a popular island spot.

Is Cinnamon Bay open?

Cinnamon Bay Beach remains open and accessible to the public. However, due to Territorial COVID-19 restrictions, at this time, all beaches in the Territory close at 5:00 p.m. on weekends and holidays. Currently only porta johns are available to beach goers until the water and sewage systems are repaired by NPS.