Can you surf in Nha Trang?

Can you surf in January?

Pick Your Best Spot to Surf in January!

This is because the winter swell in the northern hemisphere is powerful and big. With that being said, there are still beginner-friendly areas in most destinations.

Where can I surf in the winter?

Our Top 6 Warm-Water Winter Surfing Destinations

  • 1.Costa Rica.
  • Nicaragua.
  • Panama.
  • Brazil.
  • Indonesia.
  • Sri Lanka.

Is Filey good for surfing?

Filey Bay Surf Guide

Filey Bay in North East England is a fairly exposed beach break that has unreliable waves. … The beach break offers both left and right hand waves. Best around mid tide. Unlikely to be too crowded, even when the surf is up.

Is Saltburn good for surfing?

Saltburn-by-the-Sea is probably the Northeast’s best known surf spot, but it is also one of the country’s most flexible. … The longboarders are some of the most stylish in the country – it’s a great place to surf.

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