Best answer: How do you wax a jet ski?

How can I make my jet ski shine again?

Go to Home Depot and get a product in a metal can called Gel Gloss (don’t get the aeresol can, get the paste). It is for restoring fiberglass. It will take off water spots, polish, and leave a carnuba wax that will make the ski look new again.

How often should you wax a jet ski?

Every make and model of boat is different, and the gelcoats were applied differently in the factory! However, it is our recommendation to apply a high quality wax/sealant every 3-4 months, and wash down your boat with a soap that is compatible with your wax once per month!

Should I wax the bottom of my jet ski?

Nope… waxing the bottom is OK for protection… but wont make the ski faster. We actually would sand the bottom of the hull to gain speed. With water… you want to stay away from surface tension… and the sanded hulls would force small amounts of air under the hull to keep the surface tension broken.

How do you get scratches out of jet skis?

If there are even smaller scratches in the craft they can often be simply buffed out using fine sandpaper and rubbing compound followed by wax. For these sorts of scratches you want to be as gentle as possible so you don’t cut into the gelcoat.

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Can you wax a Seadoo?

Using XPS Marine Spray Wax with Polymer acts as a sealant to protect your Sea-Doo watercraft surface and prevent algae, rust and other water contaminants from finding a home on your hull and deck. … Before use, ensure the watercraft has been properly cleaned. You don’t want to seal in any stains or grime.

How do you get water spots off a jet ski?

Vinegar does work great to remove hard water. I also wax it after using vinegar and it looks brand new afterwards. What helps keep the spots away is a good wax as you dry spray.

How much does it cost to detail a jet ski?

As a rule of thumb, it costs around $100 -$200 to detail the jet ski, depending on its condition and your needs.

How do you prime a jet ski?

to prime your fuel system after removing fuel lines you need to:

  1. pull your return fuel line off your carb, it will be hooked to the top barb on your carb (bottom is input, top is return)
  2. blow air into the hose to put pressure into your fuel tank.

What is the difference between boat polish and wax?

Carnauba/Pure Wax: A soft wax with no compound (grit) in it; primarily made from a natural palm wax. Polishes: A synthetic mixture that performs similar to wax, but does not contain carnauba wax.