Best answer: How do you stay warm in white water rafting?

What is too cold for white water rafting?

Temperatures can be 30 degrees and above in the early rafting season and get up to 55 degrees in the late rafting season.

How do float trips stay warm?

Start with warm undergarments with a fleece jacket on top. A splash jacket on top of everything provides some additional warmth and Rolling Thunder will provide one for you free of charge. During the spring, a splash jacket is an excellent wardrobe choice. If it’s windy, it will act as a windbreaker.

How cold is whitewater rafting?

Water temperatures can range from 30 degrees and above during the early rafting season and rise to about 55 degrees in late rafting season. Fortunately, wetsuits, personal flotation devices, waterproof jackets, and booties all help to hold body heat and keep us warm!

Do you need wetsuit for white water rafting?

In case of cold air or water temperatures, you may be required to wear a wetsuit and a paddle jacket. The wetsuit will fit like overalls, covering your legs and trunk, and strapping over your shoulders. … You should bring your own fleece jacket to wear underneath this layer.

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How wet do you get white water rafting?

Sit Toward the Back of the Raft

Those who sit in the front of the raft will usually get wetter than anyone in the raft. The front of the raft usually hits the rapids first and the ensuing splash will get those in front as wet as rain. There’s no way around it.

Can you go white water rafting in winter?

The summer warmth has faded, the snowmelt in the rivers has receded, and most of the whitewater rafting trips have ended. While its easy to consider your rafting season over during these winter months, there are still a few places in America’s west to stay out on the water.

How do you stay warm in river tubing?

When getting doused in spring runoff, you’ll want to keep warm and stay warm down to your core. This means skipping the cotton, including cotton blends. Yep, even the cotton undies. Instead, opt for underwear or a swimsuit made of synthetic material.

Can I go white water rafting on my period?

I’m having my period, can i participate? Sure, no problem. We recommend you bring a tampon instead of a sanitary napkin as you will probably get wet during the tour.

What is a splash jacket?

Paddle jacket, splash jacket, splash top they go by many names and are used interchangeably for the same product, but they all share a similar purpose: keep you drier and warmer. Typically these are light weight 1 or 2 layer jackets designed to prevent water from soaking your upper body.

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What do you wear for rafting in the winter?

Wear sneakers or water shoes that provide full coverage. Neoprene booties are great for cold weather, providing an additional layer for your feet . Both sneakers or booties can be paired with wool socks for added warmth.