Are Adam and Jenna still together below deck sailing yacht?

What happened to Jenna on below deck?

Since appearing on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, which gets great fan reactions from viewers, Jenna has continued to live her life as a sailing yachtie. Even though she had a difficult first season, there is a chance she will return for season three as the chief stew. If she comes back to the show, she may redeem herself.

Are Malia and Tom still dating?

Malia, 31, confirmed her split from Tom in September 2020 after they both appeared on season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean together. The reality star recently got honest about the reason for initiating the breakup.

Who is Captain Glenn dating?

Captain Glenn Shephard from Below Deck Sailing Yacht recently revealed (maybe) that he is dating deckhand Sydney Zaruba after she shared she had a special “captain” in her life during the reunion. But shortly after he posted the “news” he added, “And the news is: Syd and I are great friends.

Is Jean-Luc The father of Dani baby?

Part 2 of the Below Deck Sailing Yachtreunion on Tuesday confirmed that Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux is indeed the father of Dani Soares’ baby. Dani gave birth to daughter Lilly in May, and told ET that fans would get paternity answers during the special.

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Why did Paget and Sierra break up?

Ciara previously shared what led to her and Paget’s split during an interview with Us Weekly in April. “There were a lot of reasons that it kind of broke down. Being in France, we weren’t quarantining, we weren’t stuck together or anything like that,” she explained.

Does Captain Glenn have a girlfriend?

Glenn teased a new relationship amid the rumors that he’s dating his deckhand, Sydney Zaruba. … During the Season 2 reunion, she revealed that she’s dating a captain. In a separate interview, Glenn revealed that he’s not married but he doesn’t have a lonely bed either.

Does Madison leave below deck?

After she visited him in West Palm Beach, Rob told her the relationship was too much and decided to break it off. Madison was heartbroken but has clearly moved on from the split. Since her time on Below Deck Sailing Yacht has come to an end, Madison, who dated Rob from Med, is still working in the industry.

Who gets fired on Below Deck Sailing Yacht?

Captain Glenn Shephard from Below Deck Sailing Yacht completed his second season on the show without having to fire a single crew member. He came close to firing Parker McCown during season 1, but McCown quit instead.