Your question: What is the best brand of surf wax?

Is Sticky Bumps good surf wax?

Sticky Bumps Munkey Wax

I found Sticky Bumps Munkey to be really easy to put on a board. It didn’t flake up at all and a little bit of wax seemed to go a long way. While surfing, I had a few waves where I was surprised that I didn’t slip off my board which is always a good thing when looking at waxes.

Is FCS wax good?

FCS has a solid range of wax to suit the water where you surf. We used the Firm (Warm) wax. The FCS wax went on really easily and felt like a mixture of FU-Wax and Sex-Wax which to us have been the best 2 wax brands we have used. In some cases we waxed over existing Sex-Wax on a board and it was more than fine to do.

What can I use instead of surf wax?

What Can I Use Instead of Wax? (3 Alternatives)

  • Full Board Trackpad. You may have seen some surfers using a pad near the back of their board. …
  • Cork Traction Pads. Similar to an EVA full board trackpad, a cork traction pad is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative. …
  • Sticky Surfboard Grip Pads.

How long does surf wax last?

How Long Does Surfboard Wax Last? Easy answer: 3 months. Ok bye, go wax your board. If you’re living somewhere with 4 seasons you should at minimum be re-waxing your board 4 times a year.

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Is surf wax messy?

Waxing a surfboard is never as straightforward as it should be. It’s messy. … It flattens out in the spots where you sit on your board between sets, creating a slippery surface that completely nullifies the point of having wax on your board in the first place.