Your question: Were Jan and Dean a surfer?

Did Jan and Dean actually surf?

Jan Berry, the creative force behind legendary surf rock duo Jan and Dean, died Friday after suffering a seizure at his Los Angeles home; he was sixty-two. … He and high school friend Dean Torrence began their string of hits in the early Sixties.

Did Jan Berry get drafted?

Jan was never drafted: He wrecked his car and very nearly killed himself just before he was scheduled to serve. He remained in a coma for months, and only gradually was the extent of the damage known. … Jan’s idea of a joke, even after the accident, was lying down beside a highway and pretending he had been hit by a car.

Did Jan Berry ever marry?

Berry married Gertie Filip, a former waitress, in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1991. After a year-long courtship, the couple said their marriage vows onstage during a Jan & Dean concert. Seemingly tireless and unstoppable, Berry completed the production of his first solo album,Second Wave, in 1997.

Is Brian Wilson ill?

Wilson has been diagnosed with a schizoaffective disorder for some time. He once described his symptoms: “For the past 40 years I’ve had auditory hallucinations in my head, all day every day, and I can’t get them out.

How long was Jan Berry in a coma?

Berry in a coma for 10 months, initially left him unable to talk and walk, through determination he regained the ability to walk and to speak slowly.

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