You asked: How big is the yacht on succession?

How big is Will Smith’s yacht?

The $40 million yacht was designed by yacht designer Luiz De Basto. It is 228 feet and 2,800 international tons.

Where was the yacht scene in succession filmed?

The yacht scenes were filmed in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Croatia. According to series star Brian Cox, the ending of the episode is meant to serve as a culmination of Logan’s relationship with his children, particularly Kendall.

Does Bill Gates own a yacht?

Bill Gates does not own a yacht. … Not only has Bill vacationed on one of the most expensive yachts in the world, he reportedly got married to his wife Melinda on one too!

How much is the boat in succession worth?

The Solandge famously got sold in 2017 for a reported €155,000,000 to a private owner by Moran Yacht & Ship, making it one of the biggest brokerage deals of that year.

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