Why are Wakesurf boards so expensive?

Why are wake surf boards so expensive?

Part of the reason wakeboards cost as much as they do is because of the individuality of the designs and the research and development behind coming up with the best design for different riding styles.

How much does a wakesurf board cost?

Our broad wakesurfer selections range from $199 to $1500. You’ll find boards manufactured by the most prestigious brands in the business: Connelly, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Phase 5, and O’Brien. Every wakesurf board we sell comes with free, lighting fast shipping to get you out on the water quickly.

What makes a good wakesurf board?

Bigger wakesurfers have more surface area and more float, which means they work well for heavier riders. If you are riding behind a boat that throws a smaller wake, choose a bigger board. Larger wakesurfers move more slowly through the water and are easier for beginners to learn on.

Who is the best Wakesurfer in the world?


Rank Name USA Wakesurf National Championship
1 John Akerman 75
2 Markus Lahmer 65
3 Noah Flegel 100
4 Drew Drennan 60

Can you wake surf with a skim board?

skimboards are not as bouyant as wakesurfs, so the longer the the skim the easier it will be to ride and stay riding.

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How long does it take to get good at Wake surfing?

The More You Practice, The Faster You’ll Learn

How much time do you need to stand up on a surfboard and glide across the glassy waves? Learning to surf requires between two hours and one month of practice. If you’re struggling for more than two months to ride a wave, then there’s something wrong with you.

How much weight do you need to wake surf?

Your going to be in between 10 and 12mph. The more weight you add to your boat the faster you’ll be able to go. Having a faster wave will make tricks especially getting air much easier. In our current boat a 2009 MasterCraft X-2, we add an addtional 1500-2200 pounds of ballast, including voice activated ballast.

Whats the difference between skim and surf?

Skim riders typically prefer a longer, less steep wave with a trick-saving pocket that goes way back, which generally means a more bow-weighted boat. Conversely, surf-style riders usually appreciate a steep, tall, powerful wave, produced by a mostly stern-weighted boat.