Who won the surfing world title 2017?

Who won the surfing world title 2016?

Historic Results

Year Name Name
Men’s WSL CT Women’s WSL CT
2019 Ítalo Ferreira (BRA) Carissa Moore (HAW)
2018 Gabriel Medina (BRA) Stephanie Gilmore (AUS)
2017 John John Florence (HAW) Tyler Wright (AUS)

Who is the world champion surfer 2020?

The 2019 World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour (CT) season has come to a close with Carissa Moore (HAW) claiming a fourth World Title and Italo Ferriera (BRA) earning his first, and the elite class of surfers has been set for 2020.

Who is the number 1 surfer in the world?

2021 Men’s Championship Tour

Rank Name
1 Gabriel Medina Brazil
2 Italo Ferreira Brazil
3 Filipe Toledo Brazil

What country produces the best surfers?

Pro Surfers per capita ranking

  • Hawai’i – No surprise here. …
  • Australia – Again, not really a surprise here. …
  • Florida – This is a little bit surprising. …
  • California – Although California has a massive surfing population, it has an even bigger non-surfing population.
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