Which detergent is best Ariel or Surf Excel?

Is Surf Excel detergent good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Expensive but superb! 2 drops foamed up a complete bucket, After using this, I never use any other freshener / whitener/ fabric conditioner.. It removes stains & after wash freshness is simply awesome.

Which detergent powder is best?

Top 10 Washing Powder in India

Best Washing Detergent Powder in India Price Buy link
Surf Excel Easy Wash Detergent Powder 4kg 422 Buy Now
Ariel Matic Top Load Detergent Washing Powder 966 Buy Now
Rin Advanced Detergent Powder 7 kg 450 Buy Now
Tide Plus Extra Power Detergent Washing Powder 731 Buy Now

Which detergent is best for fully automatic washing machine?

10 Best Detergent Powder for Washing Machine in India 2021

  • Ariel Matic Top Load Detergent Washing Powder.
  • Surf Excel Easy Wash Detergent Powder.
  • Henko Stain Care Powder.
  • Syclone Matic Top Load Detergent Powder for Washing Machine.
  • Tide Plus Extra Power Detergent Washing Powder.
  • Rin Advanced Detergent Powder.

Is soap powder better than liquid?

For those tough outdoor stains, such as mud and grass, a powder laundry detergent will work much better than its liquid alternative. The main surfactant in powder detergent is linear alkylbenzene sulfonate, which is much harsher on stains, and therefore better at ridding your clothing of deep-set outdoor stains.

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Can I use Surf Excel in washing machine?

We recommend Surf Excel Matic Liquid Front Load. It is specially formulated for washing machines and thus, helps maintain its life.

Is Bio better than non-bio?

Biological washing powder and liquids contain enzymes. These help to break down fat, grease and proteins to get clothes clean. … Non-bio doesn’t contain enzymes so is generally gentler, making it a better choice for sensitive skin.

What is the best washing powder for white clothes?

10 Best Detergent For Whites

  • Home Master. …
  • Vanish. …
  • Dr Beckmann. …
  • Persil. …
  • BioMio. …
  • Botanical Origins. Botanical Origin Concentrated Eco Laundry Detergent, Fresh Jasmine & Lavender, 1.6 L. …
  • Ecover. Ecover Bio Laundry Detergent, Honeysuckle & Jasmine, 42 Washes. …
  • Persil Bio Laundry Washing Liquid Detergent 53 Wash 1.431 L. 7.1 score.