Where are Xcel wetsuits made?

Are Xcel wetsuits good?

Conclusion. XCEL is an award-winning wetsuit brand, so it’s not surprising that its products come with top-notch quality materials and construction. XCEL wetsuits offer incredible overall performance from its limestone neoprene fabric that is exceptionally lightweight, warm, and stretchy.

Do Xcel wetsuits run small?

McLovin Well-Known Member. Xcels do run small, I am about 5’6″, 140lbs and their S size fits perfectly and snug.

What size am I in a wetsuit?

Billabong Mens Wetsuit Size Chart

SIZE HEIGHT (cm/in) WEIGHT (kg/lb)
ST 173-183 5’8″-6’0″ 66-73kg 145-160lbs
MS 168-175 5’6″-5’9″ 66-73kg 145-160lbs
M 175-180 5’9″-5’11” 70-77kg 155-170lbs
MT 180-185 5’11”-6’1″ 75-82kg 165-180lbs

What wetsuits do pro surfers use?

Best Wetsuits for Surfing

  1. Flatrock Sarvo Steamer 3/2mm. …
  2. Rip Curl Flashbomb Heat Seeker Zip Free 3/2mm. …
  3. Flatrock Bronte Wetsuit Top 1.5mm. …
  4. O’Neill Psycho Tech Steamer Chest Zip Wetsuit 3/2mm. …
  5. Quiksilver Men’s Syncro Steamer Surfing Wetsuit 3/2mm. …
  6. Xcel Drylock X Surfing Wetsuit 3/2mm.

Why does Jack O’Neill wear an eyepatch?

In 1972, O’Neill lost an eye after a surfboard snapped while he tested a leash prototype that his son created. He managed to make the accident work for him, of course, turning crisis into opportunity. O’Neill donned a black eye patch.

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