When should I dive Socorro?

What is the best time to go scuba diving?

May/early June and then late September, October/November. It’s quiet, warm (even at night), but not too humid. And the diving is great. As we said at the start, the obvious choice for many is the dry season as the underwater visibility is at its best.

Is it better to scuba dive in the morning or afternoon?

If you have to choose- go in the morning. Visibility is generally better, the sun is higher in the sky and in some places, like Florida, you are not running into almost daily afternoon showers. Also, the dive site has not already been visited by a lot of earlier boats.

Is slack tide the best time to dive?

If making a shore dive, the best time to dive is during high-water “slack,” a period of approximately one hour around the turning of the tide when there is minimal water movement. Diving at high-water slack means that the water may be approximately 4 to 6 feet (2 to 3 m) deeper than at low-water slack.

What does dive mean?

to start doing something suddenly and energetically, often without stopping to think: When he saw the children fighting, he just dived in to sort it out.

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