What is the most important seat in rowing?

What each seat means in rowing?

Each seat in the boat is numbered according to its position going from bow to stern. In an eight, the seats are 1 to 8 and the coxswain. The #1 seat (the seat closest to the bow) is called “bow seat”. The rowing seat closest to the stern is called “stroke”.

Is bow Seat important?

The bow pair is your boat’s stabilizer, and a really good bow pair can guide the boat’s path just like the bow planes on a submarine, so that the rest of the hull naturally follows. … If this is the case in your boat, remind your rowers that they should not begin their slide until the rower in front of them begins.

What does the coxswain yell?

HOLD WATER!” or “CHECK IT DOWN!” Coxswain call that makes the rowers drag their oar blades through the water perpendicularly, effectively stopping the boat.

Who do you think is more important the coxswain or the rowers?

Coxswain Morgan Welch ’12 said steering the boat is the most important of a coxswain’s numerous tasks because it is imperative to navigate the shortest possible route to the finish line. Coxswains must also help execute strategy and facilitate communication between the rowers, coxswain Liz Earle ’15 said.

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