What is the best kayak trailer?

How heavy is a kayak trailer?

Most kayak trailers will have a weight limit, with the upper limit on the more heavy duty trailers being no more than around the 350 pound range. However, there may be some with a higher limit and many will likely have a much lower weight capacity. No matter the weight, always be careful driving on rough roads.

Can a car pull a kayak trailer?

You can easily carry one kayak (or a few) on your kayak trailer without having to worry about lifting the weighty boat onto the roof of your vehicle, which normally requires two tall people and some elbow grease. … They are lightweight, small, and can be towed using any vehicle.

Are Malone kayak trailers good?

Malone has put together a very sturdy trailer (just like its Malone kayak carts) whose quality is clean from the get-go. It rides extremely well handling high speeds and any combination of bumps and turns. It’s just as good on the highway as it is on a dirt road.

Where are Malone kayak trailers made?

Malone Auto Racks is a privately owned rack accessory and leading sports trailer company located just outside Portland, Maine with a track record of 20+ years of industry leadership and innovation.

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