What is rail to rail surfing?

What is the rail of a wave?

The rails are the “edge” of the surfboard and run from the tail to the nose of the board. Rails are where the deck and the bottom meet. Like the other parts of the surfboard, rails have their part to play in shaping the overall performance of the surfboard.

What is surfboard rocker?

Rocker. The bottom curve of your board, running from nose to tail, combines with the outline of your board to create the primary performance characteristics. The more curve you have, the slower, but easier to turn (loose) it will be. A straighter rocker will be faster but harder to turn (tight).

How do rails affect surfing?

The thinner, or harder, the rails the better your board will slice through the bottom of the wave. The harder the rails on the surfboard, the easier that particular edge will cut through the water. This is because there is less resistance against the water.

What does it mean to rail a woman?

To fornicate with, without regard for emotional attachment. I want to rail your sister, hard. to be banged thoroughly. A bout of rough sex. Urban Dictionary: Rail.

How do you throw more spray surfing?

The more water you can push with your board, the more spray you’ll throw. The more you put your surfboard into opposition to the flow of water over a wave, or the more weight you can bring to bear against the rail of your board in a sharp turn, the more water you’ll be able to displace.

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What is a low rocker on a surfboard?

It is the curvature of the surfboard from a profile or side angle. … Surfboards with low rocker keep more surface area on top of the water, allowing the rider to generate more speed when paddling and surfing.