What is a Cartesian diver and how does it work?

What is the purpose of Cartesian diver?

The Cartesian diver demonstrates the concept of density as a function of mass and volume. In the bottle’s uncompressed state, the medicine dropper floats because there is not enough mass in the volume of the medicine dropper to make it sink (i.e. its density isn’t great enough).

Why does the Cartesian Diver float at first?

As the water level rises in the diver, it becomes less buoyant and the diver sinks. As you release the pressure on the bottle, the compressed air expands and forces the water back out. The diver floats to the top of the bottle because now it is more buoyant.

What made the Cartesian Diver to float again?

When the pressure on the container is released, the air expands again, increasing the weight of water displaced and the diver again becomes positively buoyant and floats.

What gas law is the Cartesian Diver?

Boyle’s Law describes the relationship between pressure and volume. Increasing pressure on a gas will decrease its volume. When the sides of the diver are pressed, the water is forced into the dropper, decreasing the volume of air in the dropper.

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What gas law is the Cartesian Diver experiment?

Pascal’s law states that a pressure applied at any point on a confined incompressible fluid is transmitted equally throughout the fluid. When the bottle is pressurized (squeezed) the pressure within the entire bottle and Cartesian diver is increased.

What do you mean by Cartesian?

[ kahr-tee-zhuhn ] SHOW IPA. / kɑrˈti ʒən / PHONETIC RESPELLING. adjective. of or relating to Descartes, his mathematical methods, or his philosophy, especially with regard to its emphasis on logical analysis and its mechanistic interpretation of physical nature.

Why is my Cartesian Diver not working?

Troubleshoot the diver if it is not working.

It should just barely float, with the air bubble (the top of the dropper, the bend in the straw, etc.) just above the water. Make sure that the bottom is sealed for homemade divers, and add a little more or less water to the eyedropper to get the right balance.

What happens to the balloon when you squeeze the bottle?

When you punch a hole in a bottle, the air molecules in the bottle have an exit. They are pushed out as a balloon fills the space inside, resulting in room for the balloon to inflate. If the hole in the bottle is then plugged, the balloon stays inflated even when the mouth is removed.

Does the diver do work on entering the water?

The dive must be executed with grace and precision and should conform to the judges’ “expectation of what the dive should look like in the air.” Finally, the diver should enter the water gracefully and with limited splash.

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