What genre is surf curse?

Surf Curse

Is Surf Curse surf rock?

Surf Curse is an American surf rock band formed in 2013 in Reno, Nevada. It currently consists of Nick Rattigan (lead vocals, drums) and Jacob Rubeck (guitars).

What label is Surf Curse on?

Are Surf Curse and current joys the same?

Nicholas Foster Rattigan (born August 6, 1992) is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, journalist and music video director, originating from Reno, Nevada. He currently releases music under the moniker Current Joys. He also is the drummer and lead singer of the indie surf rock band Surf Curse.

Is Surf curse indie?

Surf Curse is the indie rock recording project of Los Angeles based songwriters Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck.

Does surf curse have a bassist?

In the studio, Surf Curse is a duo: Jacob Rubeck on guitar and Nick Rattigan pulling double duty by playing drums and singing. On stage, Rubeck and Rattigan are joined by a bassist, a guitarist and a drummer – allowing Rattigan to unleash his inner Iggy Pop on the audience.

Is Surf curse Australian?

Surf Curse Tickets, Tour Dates & Concerts 2021/2022 ♫

Surf Curse are an indie rock band from Nevada made up of Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck. Formed in 2013, the group have since put out full lengths ‘Buds’ in 2013 and ‘Nothing Yet’ in 2017. ‘Heaven Surrounds You’ their latest, is due to arrive in September 2019.

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What is surfing music?

Surf music (sometimes called surf rock or surf pop) is rock music associated with surf culture, particularly as found in Southern California. … The first is instrumental surf, distinguished by reverb-heavy electric guitars played to evoke the sound of crashing waves, largely pioneered by Dick Dale and the Del-Tones.