What does rows mean in texting?

What is Row slang?

“Row”–defined by the OED as “a noisy or violent argument”–is a useful word, being roughly in the middle between “fight,” on the one hand, and “quarrel” or “argument,” on the other.

What is Row stand for?


Acronym Definition
ROW Rest of the World
ROW Right of Way
ROW Receiver of Wreck
ROW Relocate Out of Washington (DC)

What is a row person?

row in American English

(raʊ ) noun. a noisy quarrel, dispute, or disturbance; squabble, brawl, or commotion. verb intransitive. to make, or take part in, a noisy quarrel or disturbance.

What is a filthy row?

A filthy row to me always means a huge, loud, foul argument, rather than a fight. It’s normally a term I’d associate with partners, marital or otherwise, relatives or close friends having a really awful argument.

How do you pronounce row like a fight?

“Row” (meaning “argument”) is indeed pronounced like “cow”.

What is Row rest of world?

Rest of World or “ROW” means the rest of the world excluding the Territory.

What is row full form?

The Full form of ROW is Right of Way, or ROW stands for Right of Way, or the full name of given abbreviation is Right of Way.

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What country does row stand for?

RER shortcut represents Europe. RoW represents the Rest-of-the-World.

What does Rowes mean?

A fight, verbal (often vehement) or physical; colloquial use. There was a rowe at the bar over who last paid the tab and who had to pay it this time. Betty and Elizabeth are having a rowe about a boy that they both like and who gets to have him.

What does a good row mean?

adj , better, best. 1 having admirable, pleasing, superior, or positive qualities; not negative, bad or mediocre. a good idea, a good teacher. a morally excellent or admirable; virtuous; righteous.

What does it mean to hit it off with someone?

phrase. If two people hit it off, they like each other and become friendly as soon as they meet. [informal]