What do you wear white water rafting in Alaska?

What is a duckie raft?

Duckies are inflatable sit-on-top kayaks that fall somewhere between a raft and a traditional kayak in terms of maneuverability, combining the best of both worlds. … So to simply things; duckies are super tough whitewater inflatable kayaks.

How do you stay warm in white water rafting?

For rafting in colder weather, we strongly recommend:

  1. Wetsuits, splash jackets, and river shoes (available complimentary at our office); a swimsuit and synthetic layers to wear underneath your wetsuit.
  2. Synthetic layers to wear under your splash jacket, such as fleece that will continue to keep you warm while wet…

Is white water rafting safe?

Statistically Rafting Is Extremely Safe

Of course there’s no guarantee that any activity is one hundred percent safe, but compared to other activities whitewater rafting is generally considered safe. Statistically, there are fewer fatalities each year for whitewater rafting than recreational swimming or even bicycling.

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