Quick Answer: Who is the founder of sail?

Who is the CEO of sail?

Is sail a MNC?

SAIL is not an MNC.

Is sail a good buy?

We recommend to accumulate this counter for the target price of ₹1,350 to ₹1,475.” On SAIL, Sandep Matta of TRADEIT Investment Advisors said, “Steel Authority of India (SAIL) is the best play of higher steel prices as it is backward integrated with captive ore and has higher operative and financial leverage.

Which is the largest steel plant in India?

Bhilai Steel Plant has been the flagship integrated steel plant unit of the Public Sector steel company, the Steel Authority of India Limited and is its largest and most profitable production facility.

Bhilai Steel Plant.

Type Public Sector Undertakings in India (Central Govt. Organization)
Parent Steel Authority of India Limited

What is full form of sail?

Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) is the leading steel-making company in India. The company is a fully integrated iron and steel maker producing both basic and special steels for domestic construction engineering power railway automotive and defence industries and for sale in export markets.

Where is the headquarter of sail?

What is the salary of Chairman of sail?

As the Chairman of the Board of Steel Authority of India, the total compensation of Anil Chaudhary at Steel Authority of India is ₨4,362,700.

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Who is the chairman of steel plant?

You can view name of Chairman, CEO, CFO, Management Team, Board of Directors and Key Executives of Steel Authority of India (SAIL) Ltd.


A V Kamlakar CEO – IISCO Steel Plant
Ajay Arora Executive Director
Amarendu Prakash Executive Director
Amit Sen Director – Finance