Quick Answer: Where is the best place to dive the Great Barrier Reef?

Where is the best Great Barrier Reef diving?

8 Top Dive Sites of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

  • SS Yongala, Townsville (near Ayr)
  • Cod Hole, Ribbons Reefs.
  • Stanley Reef, Townsville (near Ayr)
  • Steve’s Bommie, Ribbon Reefs.
  • Hastings Reef, Flynn Reef and Norman Reef.
  • Lighthouse Bommie, Ribbon Reefs.
  • Pixie Garden.
  • Eddy Reef.

How much does it cost to dive the Great Barrier Reef?


Great Barrier Reef Tour $115
Great Barrier Reef Premium Snorkelling Tour $189
Great Barrier Reef Cruise Deluxe $205
Great Barrier Reef Pontoon Adventure $219

Is Cairns or Port Douglas better for diving?

Port Douglas is actually closer to the outer reef than Cairns offering snorkelling, scuba diving and boating tours. If it’s wildlife adventure you’re after then Port Douglas is closer to the Daintree Rainforest where you can go on a Daintree River cruise to spot crocodiles in the wild.

How many days do you need in Great Barrier Reef?

How long should you stay: It’s recommended to spend at least 3 days exploring the reef. Single day trips from Cairns or Port Douglas just won’t do this place justice.

Can you snorkel the Great Barrier Reef for free?

Once at your first coral reef site you have the choice of snorkeling or scuba diving. Yes, even if you have no previous diving experience you can dive underwater – your first dive is included in your Cairns reef trip for free! If you are certified then diving on the Great Barrier Reef is the diving mecca of the world!

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